We answer a listener question about population growth


This is an audio transcript of the FT News Briefing podcast episode: We answer a listener question about population growth

Marc Filippino
Good morning from the Financial Times. Today is Monday, October 18th, and this is your FT News Briefing.


High energy prices are looming over the airline industry’s recovery. And in today’s show, we’re doing something a little different and a little fun. We’ve got a question from one of our listeners.

Adham Al Oka
Is economic growth linked to population growth and if so, why?

Marc Filippino
So we found just the right FT correspondent to answer it.

Federica Cocco
Adham, you’ve touched upon one of the main economic dilemmas of our time. So this is a million dollar question.

Marc Filippino
I’m Marc Filippino, and here’s the news you need to start your day.


Higher energy costs have rippled through global markets, and they’re hitting airlines too. The FT’s acting transport…

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