Watch out for tech impostors who want to steal your money and information


Have you ever found yourself using your computer when it suddenly froze and a full-screen warning popped up claiming there’s an issue you must resolve? It may have even included a sound alert, making the experience even more daunting as a voice claimed that all of your personal data, including credit card information, email passwords, and social media logins have been compromised. If so, you aren’t alone.

Tech support scammers depend on their ability to convince people that their computers have a virus, malware, or have “crashed” when in fact there is nothing wrong with the devices. They are after your money, but could be after your personal files as well.

Unfortunately, for most of us it isn’t a question of if we will become targets of these thieves, but when. This fraud has become so common that anyone with an internet connected device is at risk of having this experience. In fact, in a global survey that Microsoft conducted…

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