Watch out for “free roof inspections”


Each year as the weather heats up and summer storms pop up frequently, roofing scams pop up more often as well – especially those involving “free” roof inspections. Reports from consumers submitted to BBB’s Scam Tracker show that this year has been no different. Homeowners should be on the lookout for these cons.

How the scam works. It starts with a call or a person showing up at your door claiming to represent a local roofing company. We’ve seen a trend in reports on Scam Tracker indicating that many will use the name of the state or area they’re soliciting in, and simply add the words “Roofing” or “Construction” to create their business name.

The “roofer” offers a free inspection. Why, you ask? The person may claim that their company is working on a neighbor’s home and is offering inspections to those living nearby. But, if you ask questions about where the business is located or how their services work,…

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