Warning signs a text message may be a scam


Getting random text messages from unknown senders? Are they claiming there’s an issue with a bank account?

Bruce McGee has. He checked his phone the other day to discover a worrisome message.

“It was a text that said my Bosch dishwasher would be charged to my account. But I didn’t order a dishwasher,” McGee said.

The text claimed he had purchased a $1,500 dishwasher. He thought it might be a scam, but opened the text anyway.

“I had to open it because it specifically mentioned an item, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t erroneous,” McGee said.

He decided to reach out to see if other people were receiving similar texts. But it wouldn’t be the last strange text message he would receive.

“As I was composing my email to you, I received another email from a bank with whom I do not do business,” McGee said.

“Due to an unusual transaction, we have blocked your debit card,” the message read.

It turns out both messages were scams, aiming to steal his money and bank…

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