Warning of Entergy imposter scam


BBB serving Acadiana is warning consumers of scammers impersonating a local electric company. This is not a new con, scammers frequently impersonate water, electric, and gas company representatives. This scam is most common in the winter and summer months when people are most likely to need their heat or air conditioning.

How the Scam Works: In this particular scam, residents and businesses are receiving a telephone call from someone claiming to be from Entergy. The scammer informs you that payment is overdue and the utility will be shut off if you don’t pay up immediately.

According to a local business owner that received this scam call, the scammer stated they were two months overdue on their bill and instructed them to make a payment of $2100 via Bitcoin (a form of cryptocurrency that works similarly to wire transfer) or the power would be disconnected. The business stated that the call came from an 800 number and when you called the number back,…

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