W.P. Carey And Farmland Partners: 2 REITs To Beat Inflation (NYSE:FPI) (NYSE:WPC)


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The dominant macroeconomic theme at the moment is inflation. This is due to a combination of a labor shortage, the Russo-Ukrainian war and the accompanying sanctions, lingering COVID-19 headwinds which continue to deal major disruptions to the global supply chain, and the full impacts of the massive government stimulus payouts during the height of the pandemic just now being felt as consumers are increasingly resuming normalized economic activities and spending their extra cash.

US inflation

US Inflation Data ((Wikipedia))

In fact, inflation has become so alarming that even prominent Keynesian economists are sounding the alarm and urging policymakers to change course immediately to better tackle the problem.

In the meantime, it looks like inflation will get worse before it gets better, so investors would likely be prudent to ensure their portfolios are hedged appropriately.

Real Estate Is A Proven Inflation Hedge

Real estate has proven…

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