Voice of the Consumer: In a hot housing market, some scammers target those looking to move | Colorado Springs News


The housing market is hot right now, so a lot of people are moving. That also means scammers are looking for any way to capitalize on this trend.

AARP recently issued a “watchdog alert” to help keep you and your belongings safe when hiring a moving company.

Most scammers posing as movers will post ads for their cheap services online or sometimes, even in newspapers. It should be a red flag if the company gives you an estimate without going through a detailed list of your belongings or coming to your home for an in-person estimate.

Also, beware if the movers require a large deposit or full payment in advance.

AARP says once these fraudulent movers have your belongings, they jack up the price and sometimes even refuse delivery. This is known as a “hostage load.”

To avoid this, AARP says it’s important to do your research ahead…

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