VIDEO: Minneapolis protester rips black-on-black killings, says media don't cover them — and like clockwork, a photographer walks away


A black demonstrator in Minneapolis was captured on video on the day of the Derek Chauvin verdict saying something a bit outside the radical-left box.

He said the media only care about black people getting killed when police do the killing — and that the media also don’t care about black-on-black killings.

What are the details?

In the clip posted to Twitter by journalist Drew Hernandez, the man uses a megaphone to tell the crowd around him that a good friend of Daunte Wright — a black man fatally shot by police earlier this month in nearby Brooklyn Center — had been killed the night before.

“They don’t talk about that,” the man told the crowd. “You know why they don’t talk about that? Because it ain’t the police shooting. It ain’t a police killing.”

And despite the violent death of yet another black man, the protester said there was “no media attention.”

The man continued, “So when I say ‘say his name,’ even though he ain’t got killed by a police officer, [and] he got killed on black-on-black crime, we still gotta say his name, too.”

After a short “say his name” chant, the demonstrator told the crowd, “That’s all I wanted. He didn’t get killed by the police; it was a black-on-black thing, you see what I’m sayin’?”

MINNEAPOLIS: A protester attempts to rebuke BLM supporters and media for ignoring black people murdered by other bl…

— Drew Hernandez (@Drew Hernandez)1618977564.0Uh, leaving so soon?

Interestingly, when the demonstrator began speaking in the clip, an individual who appeared to be a photographer stood just feet away from him, apparently ready capture his speech with poignant imagery:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @DrewHLive

But as soon as the demonstrator said the deceased friend of Daunte Wright wasn’t killed by police, just like clockwork, the photographer turned and walked away:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @DrewHLive

Which one might say proves the man’s point about the media’s priorities:

Image source: