Veteran father and son leverage service training into small business


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – United States Coast Guard veteran Timothy Lannan and his son, U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Charles Lannan, run a managed service provider company working closely with defense and commercial contracts.

Starting in the defense contracting world then migrating over to commercial MSP space, Lannan Technologies considers itself a “veteran-centric” staff.

Even though the Lannans are both retired from military service, they still incorporate some tactics learned from the military in their business.

One lesson they use is the “small unit” tactic.

“An example is you have a battle plan: you have a plan A, plan B, and an idea of a plan C,” explained Charles. “What you don’t know as effective is a plan L. You may not have the resources to make that decision on how to get to plan L but someone in your team does. To trust that member to make that decision to pivot and you believe in them because that’s in their area.”



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