Ventura County Sheriff’s Office warns of uptick in pet, home rental scams



VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. – The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office released a warning to residents to always be cautious when making a purchase or conducting business deals online.

Deputies have seen a recent uptick in scams involving home rentals as well as the online purchase of puppies or kittens.

The sheriff’s office said oftentimes scammers will request payment or deposits up front and promise to deliver what you’re hoping to purchase. They will then request additional payments for shipping or other types of fees, often promising to refund the money at a future date.

The victim of these scams is then left waiting for a pet or set of keys that never come.

The sheriff’s office released the following indicators of a scam:

  • The person you are in communication with will only talk through email or text.
  • You are asked to send money, through an application such as Zelle or Venmo,…

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