US warehouses are running out of space as containers pile high


Containers piled high at the Port of New York and New Jersey form an attention-grabbing view from the 115,000 square feet warehouse operated by Michael Sarcona, president of logistics company Sarcona Management.

The facility is one of eight Sarcona operates near the port with a combined capacity of almost 2m square feet, but right now that is not nearly enough. He has a team of employees and real estate agents urgently searching for more space.

Rebounding consumer demand has led to record imports through US ports on both coasts and strained every link in the supply chain. After 41 years in the business, Sarcona has a unique vantage point over one of the worst of the bottlenecks that executives and economists fear could derail the US recovery.

“Demand for space and demand for people have been the greatest I have ever seen,” he said, adding that he has been inundated with calls from new customers but has had to turn many of them down to…

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