US spy agencies reveal how they think climate change will impact geopolitics


The United States intelligence community predicts that the impacts of global warming will lead to growing international tensions.

The first ever National Intelligence Estimate on Climate Change looks at the impacts of the climate crisis on natural security up to the year 2040.

The National Intelligence Estimate on Climate Change

The 27-page report is the collective view of all 18 US intelligence agencies and is their first look at what climate change might do to national security.

Published just two weeks before the international conference on climate change, Cop26, the report paints a picture of a world that fails to cooperate in facing a global threat which leads to dangerous competition and instability.

US President Joe Biden is seeking to make an international agreement to limit global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.

The report’s warnings

The report warns of the implications if futuristic geo-engineering technologies are deployed…

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