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New York, June 2 (Xinhua)-The US dollar rose little by little in late Wednesday trading.

The dollar index, which measures greenbacks against six major peers, rose 0.09 percent to 89.9110.

In the second half of New York trading, the euro fell from $ 1.2228 in the previous session to $ 1.2210 and the pound sterling rose from $ 1.4160 to $ 1.4167 in the previous session. The Australian dollar fell from $ 0.7763 to $ 0.7751.

The US dollar bought 109.56 yen, surpassing 109.42 yen the day before. The US dollar rose from CHF 0.8966 to CHF 0.8979 and fell from CAD 1.2058 to CAD 1.2035.

US dollar rises

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