US Dollar Index looks to extend the rebound beyond 92.00

  • DXY adds to Monday’s gains above the 92.00 yardstick.
  • US markets gradually return to the normal activity.
  • US 10-year yields climb to the 1.35%% region on Tuesday.

The greenback, in terms of the US Dollar Index (DXY), creeps higher and looks to put further distance from post-Payrolls lows in the sub-92.00 zone (Friday).

US Dollar Index appears supported near 91.90

The index advances for the second session in a row albeit at a glacial pace ahead of the opening bell in Euroland. In fact, the mild recovery in the dollar comes in pari passu with the push higher in yields of the US 10-year reference to levels above 1.35%, or multi-day highs.

Following the drop to multi-week lows in the proximity of 91.90 in the wake of the discouraging Payrolls figures on Friday, the dollar regained some composure and manages well to keep business above the 92.00 mark so far.

In the meantime, the dollar is still seen under pressure after the…

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