Urgent warning about surge in student loan forgiveness scams


AMERICANS are being warned not to fall victim to fraud as student loan forgiveness scams appear to have soared in recent months.

More than 40 million young people are thought to be affected by the student loan debt crisis across the US.


Student loan forgiveness scams appear to have soared in recent months

Unscrupulous scammers are reportedly tricking students into believing their loans will be “forgiven”.

Education officials across the country urge Americans to pause before sending personal information if they get a letter about debt forgiveness.

Students should research the validity of the company as many firms that are run by scammers do not exist.

Americans should check the email address that scammers are using as communications about student loans tend to come from a .gov address.

Do not provide your Social Security number or bank details unless you are absolutely sure that the firm is legitimate.

If in doubt, just hang up the…

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