UK police add new technology from Waterloo to their crime-fighting arsenal


WATERLOO — For more than a decade, Magnet Forensics has developed digital forensic tools that help police, governments and private companies solve crimes and safeguard security.

The technology that scours phones and computers for evidence is complex, its users highly skilled experts in the digital forensics field.

But with an explosion of data and devices in recent years, workloads for those investigators, especially in law enforcement, have grown exponentially as well. It’s taking longer to process and analyze digital evidence, and longer to close cases.

A new user-friendly digital evidence review platform called Magnet Review is hoping to change that.

Designed specifically for non-technical investigators, it’s a cloud-based, collaborative platform giving them the ability to easily review recovered evidence like photos and digital messages.

Instead of travelling to a forensics lab to view and interpret the evidence with the assistance of an examiner,…

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