U.S. admiral warns against U.S.-China war in best-seller : The Asahi Shimbun


James Stavridis, former commander of NATO, may have underestimated the risk of a U.S.-China war when he set the opening of hostilities 13 years from now in a best-selling novel.

Many military officers and policymakers told the retired U.S. four-star admiral that they believe a U.S.-China confrontation will occur sooner than 2034. 

“You wrote a great novel, but you’ve got one big thing wrong. And that is the date,” Stavridis said he was told about “2034: A Novel of the Next World War,” which he co-authored with Marine Corps veteran Elliot Ackerman.

The book opens with an attack against U.S. naval vessels during a freedom of navigation patrol in the South China Sea, a scenario that Stavridis lists as one of the red lines that the United States and its allies should not allow China to cross.

“If China decides to cross one of those red lines, it will be because they feel they have the military capability…

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