Two types of Internet smarts


Dear Grandparenting: My grandkids, your grandkids and darn near every one else’s grandkids spend every waking moment on the Internet, right?

They’re supposed to be the great experts, high and mighty about all things Internet, right? But I’m here to tell you that just is not so. They get fooled, and fooled again. I play it safe and confine my Internet goings-on to emails with friends.

Let’s just say my teenage grandkids have jumped into some Internet-based activities they came to regret. One sent money to someone he met online and never heard from that girl again.

Another thought she was buying brand name clothes at a big discount and ordered stuff using her credit card. Guess what? No clothes, no nothing, and the bad guys rang up $1700 on her credit card. And so it goes.

I thought you might find this interesting. Everyone thinks grandparents are the ones who need Internet help. Guess the grandkids could use a hand too! Alice Hollins,…

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