Treasury and pension committees write to PM over online scam ads


The Treasury and Work and Pensions committees have written to the prime minister urging him to reconsider including paid-for online advertisements in the government’s Online Safety bill.

In the letter, published today (July 23) and sent on Wednesday (July 21), they argued legislating against fraud committed through paid-for advertisement had “strong cross party support” and that not doing so would result in “potentially large financial losses to the public”.

The committees demanded answers from Johnson on why the government’s policy has so far “been to legislate against user-generated fraud but not fraud committed through paid-for advertisements”.

In May, the government announced measures to tackle some online scams in its Online Safety bill but stopped short of including fraud via advertising, emails or cloned websites.

After initial criticisms of the bill’s coverage, Johnson said at the Liaison Committee on July 7…

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