Travaux will play big role as Milwaukee converts to housing vouchers


Westlawn Gardens, College Court, Hmong American Peace Academy and downtown’s Convent Hill may seem like a random collection of buildings, but the developments have one thing in common: Travaux Inc.

Travaux is the real estate development arm of the Milwaukee Housing Authority.

With an operating budget of roughly $2.2 million, Travaux handles property management, construction, development and consulting and will play an integral role as physical affordable housing units run by the Housing Authority are converted into project-based Housing Choice Voucher units.

Travaux is one of similar entities around the nation

Travaux was created after the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development encouraged housing authorities to develop real estate arms to help with development in 2007.

Other examples include the Will County Housing Development Corp. in Joliet, Illinois, Norman Affordable Housing Corp. of Norman, Oklahoma, and Los Angeles LOMOD…

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