Touchless QR codes open new doors for scammers


Anyone who ventured into a restaurant during the pandemic knows that the QR code is a contactless way to look at a menu. Why keep passing around old plastic menus that can go through a ton of hands as we fight the virus?

And now, scammers want to offer you that touchless experience too.

We’re well versed on why consumers don’t want to click on links or attachments in texts or emails that arrive out of the blue. But the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers that they need to be extra careful if they’re sent a digitally readable square known as a QR code.

One victim told the BBB Scam Tracker that they received a fraudulent letter about student loan consolidation. It contained a QR code that appeared to link to the official website. The QR code also helped the letter, which was part of a fraud, appear official.  

A QR code — or quick response code — is a matrix bar code that took off in the manufacturing…

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