Today in Restaurant/Grocery: Instacart, C-Stores


Today in restaurant and grocery tech news: Restaurants invest in the long-term future of outdoor dining, and Instacart acquires a catering software company. Plus, convenience stores turn their focus towards omnichannel availability.

As COVID Persists, Restaurants Reinvest in Outdoor Dining

America’s restaurateurs say they’ve overcome the growing pains from last year’s shaky, COVID-inspired outdoor dining season, a new report by The Wall Street Journal says. Last year, eateries were putting together makeshift open-air dining options that left diners feeling dissatisfied. But this year, restaurant owners have had more time to prepare, investing in better-quality outdoor setups or altering their menus to offer warm meals and hot drinks.

C-Stores Reframe Convenience for the Omnichannel Shopper

With the acceleration of the digital shift, the role of the convenience store is changing. Where their physical locations were once at the core of their…

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