Tips for reducing food safety risks with technology


By Greg Staley

Food businesses face risk every day, with every shift. That means their teams must work proactively to reduce the chances of a foodborne illness incident, security breach, or other crisis. Now, on top of “basic” safety protocols, organizations must also implement COVID-19 protocols, which are ever changing, adhering to local, state, and federal guidelines. Compounding these challenges is the industry-wide staff shortage, which is making it even more difficult for food businesses to operate efficiently and ensure compliance around safety protocols.

Any breach in SOP is cause for alarm. One innocent mistake — like not closing a freezer door properly — could be a huge liability for your business. And mistakes happen, especially if your business is short-staffed or your new employees do not yet fully grasp your safety protocols.

The way operators monitor and mitigate risk varies widely across the industry, with some using…

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