Tiff’s Treats tips for starting a business


Learn about how the Austin cookie company actually started in the D-FW area, which is also its biggest market.

DALLAS — Sorry to put this into your head, but we’re talking about warm, gooey cookies with the founders of Tiff’s Treats – which technically started in Austin in 2000. 

But the idea and the first batch of cookies were baked up in a Richardson house by a college student home for winter break.

How it began

Leon Chen, looking at his wife Tiffany (Tiff) Chen, says, “It started because this one…my lovely wife now…but she stood me up on a date.” 

Tiff chimes in, “Well, I did. But I also apologized. I made this batch of cookies, drove it over to his house and they just so happened to still be warm.”

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