This TikTok influencer brings cryptocurrency trading to the masses


By Hamza Shaban

Seated in a purple gaming chair, a matching mini microphone in her hand, the woman on the screen breaks down the day’s financial news.

“Hey, babes,” she says breezily, “let’s talk about potential bear market scenarios.”

CryptoWendyO, as she’s known to hundreds of thousands of viewers on TikTok, YouTube and other platforms, proceeds with her latest dispatch on the ground-shifting world of digital currency. The vibe is relaxed and pragmatic – part commentator, part coach – a striking contrast to the boisterous crypto bros who dominate the space with their “never sell” and “to the moon” evangelism.

On this day she cautions her audience – many investing novices – that the crypto projects they hold dear might not be around in the days ahead. “Just because they plan to change the world, doesn’t mean they have the capabilities to actually do so.”

CryptoWendyO is among a new class of influencers narrating the wild turns of…

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