This Stock Should Soar If the Stock Market Crashes This Summer


You might not have heard of Harry Dent Jr. He’s an American author, economist, and investment firm founder who correctly predicted the Japanese economic downturn in 1989. He also forecast the bubble’s collapse. 

Dent now believes that the stock market will crash within the next three months, with a good chance that it could happen before the end of July. And he doesn’t think it will be a minor downturn. He recently stated in an interview with financial publication ThinkAdvisor that this “will be the biggest crash of our lifetime.” 

There’s no way to know if Dent’s pessimistic outlook is warranted at this point. However, even if he’s right, I don’t think that every stock will plunge. There’s at least one stock that should soar if the stock market crashes this summer.

Image source: Getty Images.

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