This Microsoft Excel influencer quit her day job and is making 6 figures from her unconventional way of teaching spreadsheet hacks, tips, and tricks


Kat Norton, creator of Miss Excel.

Kat Norton, a.k.a. ‘Miss Excel,’ quit her job in February to be a full-time spreadsheet influencer. Norton has made over $80,000 from her Excel classes this year already, and also does speaking gigs. Her most popular program in mastering Excel, called, “The Excelerator Course,” costs nearly $300. See more stories on Insider’s business page.

One of Kat Norton’s most watched Instagram videos shows the 27-year-old dancing to the song “Level Up” by Ciara, where she teaches viewers how to use the “left & find” function to pull first names from a list of people and add them to a spreadsheet.

That video, which has more than one million views, is just one of hundreds where Norton – who goes by Miss Excel online – schools her combined 400,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok on how to use Excel, Microsoft’s ubiquitous spreadsheet software.

Norton has reeled in more than $80,000 in revenue so far this year alone by creating Microsoft Excel lessons on education platform Thinkific, according to a screenshot she shared with Insider.

That puts her on track to earn well over six figures this year, especially when combined with her speaking engagements and other gigs: Norton teaches Excel skills to businesses, as well as schools like New York Institute of Technology, which commissioned her to speak to its students.

In February, Norton decided that she was making enough through her various platforms to quit her job as a senior consultant at global consulting firm Protiviti to focus on her Miss Excel business full-time.

“The original name was ‘Built to Excel,'” Norton said, “But Miss Excel kind of just had a persona to it, which I liked.”

She’s been running Miss Excel from her parents’ house on Long Island, New York. With her business now a hit, Norton now intends to spend some time in Hawaii this summer as a digital nomad, followed by plans to spend the rest of the year moving between California’s Lake