This Is Easily the Biggest Robocall Scam in 2021

Asier Romero /

As we have reported, robocalls have surged in 2021. If you have received any robocalls at all this year, there is a good chance that you are familiar with one type of fraudulent phone message: the car warranty scam.

RoboKiller — which makes an app that blocks spam calls and texts — says the car warranty robocall is projected to become the biggest phone con it ever has tracked.

Not only has the car warranty scam already surpassed the top swindles from 2020 — which were related to Social Security and the IRS — but the car warranty robocall is now twice the size of the next-biggest type of scam.

How bad is the problem? In its report, RoboKiller notes:

“It’s statistically possible that every smartphone owner in the United States will have received more than one car warranty scam by the end of 2021. Seen often on social media as the relatable phone scam everyone receives, the car warranty…

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