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Scam artists: criminals try to extract information about yourself in order to steal from you

Last week we saw another dismaying report of criminals stealing from innocent individuals in our community.

Just so outrageous a destruction of savings, particularly given that everyone’s budget has been affected by Covid-19.

Why is this happening?

Why are individuals getting defrauded?

Is it because we:

• Don’t understand the level of risk?

• Don’t perceive that we are being lied to about the level of risk?

• Are trusting everyone to be as honest as we are?

• Are swept up in the impulsiveness of the moment because my friends, my church, my club, my peer groups are investing in a perceived “wonderful” investment scheme?

• Can’t help succumbing to a bit of greed, overriding common sense?

• Find that finance has become so complicated?

• Don’t realise just how much better scammers are at perpetuating lies?

• Have become…

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