Thieves Are After Your Money or ID. Be Aware and Be Careful


There are scams to get your personal details and there are scams to impersonate you. It’s nothing personal; they just want your I.D. and your money.

Two friends had their emails hacked last weekend. I got requests for help from the hackers. The requests didn’t use my name. I’ve seen the scam before. Both times I wrote back asking a personal question like any friend might. Instead of an answer I got the same plea.

The first friend caught on really early and changed their email that day. The second one took a day longer to find out and resolve it. The second said the scoundrels were from Nigeria.

It’s nothing personal; thieves just want your I.D. and your money.

Here is the scam:
The email asks if you have ever before used an agency, store, before. (Amazon, was our friend’s scam) Then it explains there is something they need to purchase for a niece or a friend; could you pay and the friend could pick it up or whatever and the…

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