They give 10,000 pizzas and dollars to Argentinians who start saving


Every year on May 22, the global cryptocurrency ecosystem celebrates an event that occurred in 2010: Programmer Laszlo Hanyecz made their first Bitcoin (BTC) transaction and paid for two pizzas worth 10,000 BTC..

This is known today as Bitcoin Pizza Day” He still remembers it today.

at that time 10,000 Bitcoin was worth $ 41 while only one Bitcoin is trading today at $ 41,000. This means that in 2021, 11 years later, the value of the pizza will be just over $ 400 million USD.

What happened that day? With the Bitcoin Talk Forum, the main gathering place for Bitcoin clients at the time, Hanyecz posted a message saying he wanted two types of pizza and promised to pay for food and shipping BTC 10,000.

“I’ll pay 10,000 Bitcoin for a few pizzas… maybe two large chunks, so I have some servings left for the next day. I like to leave the pizza to bite into it later. You can make your own pizza and bring it home or order it at a pizzeria, however

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