They develop a new technology that detects lies through facial muscle fibers with an “unprecedented” effectiveness of 73%


Israeli scientists claim to have found a way to ‘read’ tiny movements on the face and detect lies with an “unprecedented” effectiveness of 73%. communicated Tel Aviv University last Wednesday.

The study It was based on an innovation from the university’s laboratory, stickers printed on soft surfaces that contain electrodes that monitor and measure the activity of muscles and nerves. This technology had already been used, mainly for sleep monitoring and early diagnosis of neurological diseases, but in this case the researchers chose to explore its effectiveness in a different area: lie detection.

“Existing lie detectors are unreliable … because almost anyone can learn to monitor their pulse and fool the machine. Consequently, there is a great need for more accurate deception identification technology,” he said. Professor Dino Levy, part of the group of researchers. In statements provided to Times of IsraelThe researcher added that…

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