These are the top Covid-19 digital scams in South Africa to be aware of


Research conducted by consumer credit reporting agency TransUnion reveals increasing digital fraud activity in South Africa, linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky data shows that more than two-thirds of local respondents say that either they or their loved ones have suffered from criminals via social networks since the outbreak of the virus.

Around two in five consumers (41%) reported that they are personally aware of a Covid-19-related digital fraud attempt targeting them in the last three months, with 7% having fallen victim, TransUnion said.

The top Covid-19 related digital scam was fake insurance, followed by unemployment and third-party seller scams.

Among those who said they were hit by Covid-19-related digital fraud in the last three months, 27% said they were targeted with an insurance scam, up 11 percentage points from Q1 2021.

A survey conducted by global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky reveals that 68% of South African…

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