These Are the Best Real Estate Markets for Avoiding Bidding Wars


It’s no secret that real estate has become extremely competitive in many areas of the United States. Bidding wars, cash offers, and personal pleas of all kinds have become parts of the housing market as much as saving for a down payment, finding a lender, and signing piles of paperwork. But there are still a few places in the U.S. where home buyers can catch a break.

While U.S. home prices continue to rise nationwide, the National Realtors Association has identified several markets where home price increases have been less steep—and inventories less squeezed.

Courtesy of the City of Tuscaloosa

To come up with its comprehensive list, the National Realtors Association looked for cities of more than 50,000 people where home prices had risen less than 10% over the past year. It limited each state to one city to include a broader range of geographies and factored in the number of available real estate listings.

“It’s not necessarily fun to be in one of the…

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