The world economy’s supply constraints problem keeps getting worse


The pandemic curse that had inflicted severity around the world and world economy had also brought supply constraints with it. Given the stringent lockdowns that were placed across various other countries of the world, this led the supply ecosystem to get highly disrupted. This had led to a shortage of goods and services in various other economies. This was also particularly arduous due to the fact that the world economy works and robustly relies on trade and globalization.

Thus, the Supply bottleneck laid new challenges in front of the policy weavers. This is effectively a new challenge as it was deciphered that the global supply constraints were quite high and the supply routes not flexible and need the work to be done for similar future challenges. Now given the latest trend of the spread of the delta variant, again it is quite a possibility that the supply problem will move into next year.

Supply chain bottlenecks had effectively disrupted…

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