The world cannot ignore the Palestinian question


The deadly riots in Israel and the war in Gaza, triggered by yet another chapter in the Israeli drive to dispossess and oppress the Palestinians, is likely to evoke three kinds of responses: The indifferent, the imperial, the humanitarian. And alas, it looks like the imperial response, which has brought the region to this impasse, will triumph.

The dominant response is going to be a moral indifference. The Palestinian cause has been forgotten or more or less abandoned. Instead of becoming the symbol of the unfinished tasks of decolonisation, and a human rights catastrophe, the Palestinian question is now mostly an occasion to vent cynicism.

We all avoid the moral questions the oppression of Palestinians poses by comforting ourselves that in this conflict we can distribute rights and wrongs equally. There is Israeli terrorism, and there is Hamas terrorism. There is the spectacle of civilians on both sides living in terror. Missiles raining…

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