The west can’t avoid the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan


As winter approaches, Afghans are increasingly worried about food. Prices of essential food items are skyrocketing in Afghan cities. Most of the time the food does not match even if you pay. Ordinary people do not have money. They are trying to collect food by selling whatever they can. Many had the idea that the war in Afghanistan was over. The US military had gone home. The Taliban had recaptured Afghanistan. Everything will continue as before.

It is true that the full authority of the Taliban has been established in Afghanistan. Although initially resisted under the leadership of the son of the late Panjshir leader Ahmed Shah Masood, the Taliban now have absolute control over the whole of Afghanistan. But some issues are not in the hands of the Taliban. One of them is to ensure food security for the people. Ensuring food security for all in Afghanistan is not an easy task as the war-torn infrastructure collapses.

The food crisis in Afghanistan could…

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