The Weekend Leader – ‘What’s your Aadhaar number’, when Goa CM almost fell for voice phishing scam



Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Tuesday revealed how he almost fell for a voice phishing scam, when an unknown caller almost made him reveal his Aadhaar card number, claiming that his bank account would be frozen if the detail was not furnished immediately.

“It can happen to anyone. I was in Delhi (recently) and at around 5.30 p.m., I got a call, in which the caller sought my Aadhaar card number. I said, I do not have it. The caller said, my bank account would be frozen from the next day, if I do not share the number. He directly told me,” Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said after inaugurating a cyber forensic-cum-training laboratory near Panaji.

“I was also surprised by this. I was wondering why? I flipped open my purse and even pulled out my Aadhaar card, then it suddenly occurred to me, why should I share my Aadhaar card number, let my account be frozen. No issues. So I did not share my Aadhaar card number.

“Awareness of cyber crime…

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