The US economy is closer than ever to “returning to normal.”But there’s still a long way to go | Business


More than a year after the pandemic began, the US economy is in full recovery. But reaching that milestone is not yet easy.

CNN Business’s Back-to-Normal Index, developed in partnership with Moody’s Analytics last year, shows that the US economy has returned 90% to what it was before the pandemic began more than a year ago.

Composed of 37 national indicators and 7 state-level indicators, the index bottomed out at around 57% in April 2020.

However, despite significant improvements, it will be difficult to regain the last 10%. Immunization efforts are ongoing and consumers are spending money on food and travel again, yet the country continues to do millions of jobs below pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, many workers continue to hesitate to return to face-to-face work, and in many areas where schools and day care are not yet fully functioning, the mystery of childcare remains unsolved.

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