The United States Won the Web 2.0 Tech Race – But What About Web 3.0?

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The US Securities Act and the singing telegram – what do these two things have in common? They both came to be in 1933, nearly a century ago. The US Securities Act, along with the Exchange Act of 1940, both continue to drive the way financial products are offered and traded, hampering the innovation in financial technologies.

Outside of finance, the same story rings true. The United States’ economy exploded largely because of the tech companies that now form the foundation of web 2.0  like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple – but unless the United States steps up its regulatory game in a major way, it’s very likely other countries will usurp its position and reap the economic and cultural rewards that come with playing host to the world’s most innovative technologies.

Web 3.0 is dependent upon an environment ripe for innovation – not massive infrastructure…

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