The United States Is Not the World’s “Indispensable Nation”



No. The world does need a collective security structure. But the current one leaves a lot to be desired. And aside from arming Ukrainians, the United States isn’t using military force in the face of the most glaring act of aggression in recent memory anyway. Meanwhile, the lack of restraint that has been designed into our arrangements means that — much like Russia — the United States can get away with a lot of regressive and unholy acts simply due to its military and geopolitical dominance.

The litany is long, and goes beyond its own wars of choice. And yet the default remains that, in mainstream discourse, action by the United States that routinely makes the world worse is “normal,” while inaction is abnormal and, for many, unforgivable. Not just the Afghan and Iraq interventions in particular, but the far-flung “war on terror” in general, demonstrably exacerbated…

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