The U.S. Has 10 Million Job Openings for the First Time Ever


It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic did a number on the U.S. economy. Back in April of 2020, the national unemployment rate reached a record high, and while it recently hit its lowest level since the start of the outbreak, it’s much higher than it was before the crisis began.

In spite of that, there’s plenty of opportunity for Americans who want a job to go out and get one. In June, the U.S. had a record-breaking 10.1 million jobs available. In fact, there were so many open positions that many businesses found themselves struggling to hire.

While there are jobs to be had, today’s workers face challenges in getting back into the labor force. And until those are addressed, we could continue to see a huge mismatch between the number of available jobs and available workers that limits our economic recovery.

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