The truth about asset monetisation


“A lie can travel halfway around the world, while the truth is tying its shoelaces.” This famous quote aptly summarises the methodology of using lies, half-truths and misinformation to create anxiety and fear amongst the people. It is regularly used by our principal opposition party in their desperation to salvage their political relevance.

In an article (‘The grand closing down sale’, IE, August 29) former finance Minister P Chidambaram says “The big lie has been exposed.” Indeed, it has been. His own. It has also laid bare his own party’s hypocrisy — what is good for the country when the Congress was in government is bad for the country if the government is led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP. His article is littered with false assertions and half-truths. It is a pity that a senior MP and a former Union minister has to do this to score a political point. And he fails.

The claim that the Modi…

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