The True Crime Upon Which the Movie ‘Queenpins’ Is Based



Queenpins is a “comedy” starring Kristen Bell, Vince Vaughn, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Paul Walter Hauser, and with a cast like that and a true-crime inspiration, one might imagine the film would have made a bigger dent when it (briefly) stopped by theaters in September and then premiered last week on Paramount+. We ran the trailer for it back in July, but I otherwise completely forgot that it existed until I saw a promo for it while dialing up Paramount+ to watch Evil.

The reason Paramount+ likely didn’t waste a lot of money promoting it — even as a means to lure new subscribers — is because it is decidedly middling, the kind of movie that’s not nearly as good as its premise. It’s about two women, Connie (Bell) and JoJo (Howell-Baptiste), who are unhappy with their tedious suburban existences. Cashing in coupons is the only time they feel alive. (Editor’s note: Can you believe Extreme Couponing ran for…

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