The rise of the climate economy is upon us


In the next 20 years, climate will move from being a sector of the economy to becoming the dominant force in macroeconomics. New forms of sustainability will disrupt virtually all industries: from manufacturing, the production and use of energy, food, fiber and material resources, to the expansion of transport options and consumer choices.

Many leaders suggest artificial intelligence will be the determining factor in the fate of the world in the coming years. While an argument can be made in support of this idea of an AI-controlled destiny, we believe that climate ultimately will define the global economic winners and losers of the next geopolitical era. The application of AI will be viewed as either an important enabler or a limiting factor with respect to how nations adapt to climate variability in the decades ahead. 

No aspect of the emerging 21st century global economy is likely to escape the influence of climate and sustainability factors; what…

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