The Republican Party Is Trump Steaks


It’s been an inauspicious start for TRUTH Social, the former president’s new Twitter knock-off, helmed by bovine ex-Congressman Devin Nunes.

Like the other Trump schemes—airlines, steaks, board game, university, magic pills, magazine, etc. etc. etc…—from the jump TRUTH had all the marks of a media buzz Potemkin Village that allows the first family of grift to cash in, but doesn’t deliver anything of value to the marks who got swept up in the hype.

In the past few weeks that blindingly obvious assessment became stark reality, as the reports piled up about the site’s “emptiness,” that MAGA power users are not flocking to it and how the Trump family isn’t even tweeting (tooting? truthing?) on their own platform. This week two key “executives” charged with actually, you know, building the technology quit, without even creating an app for Android phones. The Daily Beast reported some disastrous analytics which…

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