The Real Estate Theory That Would Change Everything On The Curse Of Oak Island


In a thread on the “Curse of Oak Island” subreddit, user u/ArcadianDelSol proposed that the accumulation of legends of priceless treasures beneath Oak Island “was a real estate scam from day one.”

By their estimation, Oak Island was once merely a strategically located port, given that it’s located on what amounts to the eastern tip of North America. It would thus be an ideal first stop for ships completing a transatlantic journey. They argue, then, that elements of Oak Island investigated by the Lagina brothers, like the island’s famed “money pit,” itself a source of multiple rumors, were simply in service of this ship repair business.

The legends that have lasted into the present day, meanwhile, were theoretically spread to promote Oak Island as a sight of historical interest. “Think about it: what tangible, actual proof do we have today that any of the money pit stories are true?” u/ArcadianDelSol wrote. “We just have searchers after searchers…

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