The Promise of a Stimulus Bill Forgiveness for College Loans Prompts New Scam

A college graduation ceremony. Courtesy Pixabay

Americans receive millions of emails, texts and phone calls dangling all sorts of temptations. The latest version is contained in a recent email that carried an enticing offer out of Henderson, Nevada, to forgive student loan debt.

Given the proliferation of these annoying messages, normally an offer gets no more than a glance. But this one, from a company calling itself Marketing Services, is different. What catches one’s eye is this surprise: “It l‎ooks‎ like your stu‎d‎en‎t loa‎n m‎ay ‎b‎‎e ‎el‎ig‎i‎ble‎‎ for the ‎r‎e‎‎c‎‎ent‎ s‎ti‎mu‎lus‎ ‎forg‎‎ive‎nes‎s‎ and ‎relief‎ ‎l‎e‎g‎i‎sl‎ation ‎(‎CARES ‎Act).”

The email, sent to this reporter, widens its appeal with another element: “T‎his ‎ap‎plies t‎o a‎‎‎‎ll ‎l‎‎o‎an ‎‎sta‎t‎‎uses…

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