The plague of text message spam is getting worse, especially for Texans


It’s not just you. There’s even more spam making its way to our phones in the form of text messages than last year.

Scammers target Texans with spam text messages more than residents in any other state besides California, according to data from spam-blocking app RoboKiller. Texans are projected to receive a whopping 11 billion spam texts in 2021, amounting to an estimated 355% increase over 2020 volumes, RoboKiller says.

Why are Texans the target of so many phone scams?

RoboKiller suggests that these scams could target residents of southern states more than others because of their larger elderly populations. California, Texas and Florida are all home to a large portion of the country’s population over the age of 65, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

But those states are also the most populous states and therefore are likely to see higher volumes of spam overall, University of Texas at Dallas cybersecurity expert and computer science professor Dr….

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