The online marketplace where your bank details are on sale for £12


Just imagine an online world where you are totally anonymous. Every click, website visited and item ordered is hidden and can’t be traced back to you.

Welcome to the ‘Dark Web’ — a criminal’s paradise, where crooks can trade in drugs and weapons, stolen credit card details and counterfeit goods.

And because activity in this internet underground cannot be traced, they can operate undetected by the police.

Surfing the Dark Web: Reporter Amelia with independent cyber-security expert Chris Underhill

For years, experts have warned that fraudsters use the Dark Web to buy and sell our personal data, which they can then exploit to con victims out of their life savings.

So I’ve come to Devon to meet Chris Underhill, an independent cyber-security expert, to see for myself what is going on in this part of the internet.

It may surprise some but you don’t need a complicated computer system and endless encrypted passwords to access the…

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